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Cheers to 32!

Guess what today is?? It's my birthday! 32. Nothing special. You better believe I've already devoured 4 tasty pieces of Funfetti Pop Cake, which at this rate means I'll eat 11 by days end. If you didn't catch that Sweet Sunday post awhile back and have never had pop/soda cake, you're truly missing out. It's definitely on my love list. Dying to know what else is on my love list? Did I hear a yes? Ok. Since you insist, here are 31 more love list items (in no particular order) that come to mind as I type. I'll keep out the obvious; family, friends, God, sunshine, the beach...

1) BRAVO television network

3) Fuji apples

5) Gummy worms

6) The television show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

7) Running

8) Turkey sandwich on wheat with Sweet Onion sauce from Subway

9) A "Shandi" - 3/4 beer, 1/4 Diet Sprite

10) The song by Kanye West & Rihanna, "All of the Lights"

11) Dark Grey anything

13) Organizing

14) College Football - Go Dawgs!!

15) Traveling

16) To-Do Lists

17) Skinny Margaritas

19) McDonald's ice cream (did you know it's low fat??)

20) Mascara

21) Watching golf on Sunday

24) Wearing white

25) Hall & Oates

26) Chrystal Light On-The-Go packets

29) Ellen Degeneres

30) RunKeeper app (Free,

31) Stripes

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