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Time Management Tips

Most of us want to get organized but feel we don't have enough time. It's just a matter of taking advantage of the occasional spare moments. Follow the guidelines below to make the most of any such opportunities;

If you have 10 minutes:
-Clean out your handbag and/or wallet
-Organize credit card receipts
-Sort through catalogs and magazines
-Clean your email inbox
-Bag up recyclables
-Take inventory of cleaning supplies and batteries

If you have 30 minutes:
-Refold sweaters
-Straighten a linen closet shelf
-Organize one drawer and move onto another if you have time. You'll be on a roll
-Update a bulletin board or family calendar
-Sort through toys and redistribute them
-Restock spice containers and update labels
-Clean out refrigerator and/or freezer
-Sync your phone to your computer to update and save newly taken pictures

If you have 60 minutes:
-Take an inventory of your pantry and toss anything past it's expiration date
-Sort through clothes closets, looking for items to repair, clean, or donate
-Rearrange book shelves
-Sort through financial records and/or miscellaneous filing to-do's
-Back up computer files
-Straighten out boxes or bins in garage, attic or basement

I know these aren't the activities you want to fill any extra spare time with but someone's gotta do it right?!?!

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  1. I think I have a similar case, in my day if I have 10 minutes left in my effective time, I usually ask a question to myself "What can I do with this 10 minutes time?", this usually bring back some answer that I never think, the above example may be some of them.

    I found that 10 minutes can give me much change to my tasks completion, from a little tiny tasks such "have a plan" until completing my first steps of my big tasks this ten minutes time had given me.